Workplace Policy Agreement

Measures to combat harassment and discrimination are strongly recommended. In many jurisdictions, employers are required to have policies on harassment in the workplace. A workplace policy is a statement that describes an organization`s practices and procedures in relation to part of its activities, which can cover everything from day-to-day operational issues to compliance with labor laws. The employer must send a copy of the employment contract to the TLO where the company is located for registration and obtain approval from the TLO. Since the employment contract must be concluded within 30 days of the start of the employment relationship, TLO approval must be included within this period, para. B example by obtaining the prior approval of the TLO for the contract before the execution of the parties. Companies with less than 5 employees do not need to submit employment contracts for registration, but must still use the default template. However, high-level executives and managers typically have written employment contracts that address issues such as obligations, compensation, restrictive agreements, and any termination obligations. According to the Labour Code, employers must have a set of work rules that must be clearly displayed in the workplace.

These regulations must be in Arabic and must generally follow the standard form template of the Ministry of Labour and Social Development. The Ministry`s regulations are broad and contain provisions relating to various aspects of the work, including health and safety, as well as disciplinary and complaint procedures. Legal obligation to accept workplace regulations and remuneration by employers employing at least 50 people who are not covered by a cost-benefit and cost-benefit group. When a trade union operates in the workplace, it may require an employer to adopt workplace rules and/or remuneration if it employs between 20 and 49 employees. The content of the workplace and the rules of remuneration must be agreed with the trade unions (if they are active in the company). Alternatively, employers may include probation periods in their employment contracts. However, during a probation period, the employer still has to conduct a fair trial before firing an employee. .