Thai Lease Agreement Template

This is a 30-year Acreage contract and an extension option that will be used for the lease of undated land for construction purposes. The document must be used in conjunction with our lease. The rental agreement is written on the back of the owner`s ownership authorization and on the original title of the Landesamt. There will also be an official Thai rental document with the guaruda symbol of the government (see example) that the parties must sign with the Landesamt. This official document must relate to the private lease agreement between the parties. A copy of the private lease, as well as the official lease of the Landamt, is attached to the deed of ownership of the Landesamt. Professional marriage contract in Thai and English, in the appropriate form, which contains clauses applicable under Thai marriage law. Pre-contract designed in accordance with Thai law to ensure that your current assets are protected if the marriage ends in divorce or in the event of death. Thanks to Ae for her help in creating and translating this Thai rental model and to Ann for her help with the first translation tasks. Quality lawyer has designed Thai English country rental model or leasing document model. Zip includes: coverage, 30-year lease TH-EN (renewal option), second 30-year TH-EN lease (different form, secure rent, but no renewal option), optional clause for the creation of an overdraft right, read this PDF file with instructions and translation of Thai law. Zip file with template documents in WordPad that allow changes and changes.

I am a software developer who firmly believes in the principles of open source. I don`t like the idea of living in a world where everyone reinvents the wheel behind closed doors — in the grand scheme of things, it just doesn`t make sense to me. I`m sure we all have better things to do than recreate things that have already been done by someone else! Recently I needed a Thai lease model for a real estate rental in Thailand. When I did not find a suitable model on the Internet, I decided to adapt it to my particular circumstances and bring it into the public domain for other expats in Thailand who might find it useful. The agreement was then approved (informally) by two separate Thai legal representatives, but it is important to make sure it is suitable for your own purposes before using it! The agreement was last updated on March 12, 2018. You can download the latest version here: Download the example of leasing contract (odt, Open office format) Download the example of lease-lease (Doc, Microsoft Office format) Download the example of lease -lease (pdf, Adobe Acrobat format, not changeable) Thailand calculates the property and land tax up to 12.5% of the annual rent under the real estate rental contract or the annual value , the more the property is not the owner`s main residence (z.B.