Studentship Agreement

Research & Enterprise Services has sample contracts for funded students that you can obtain from your contract manager. Research councils fund students through a number of pathways, mainly DTA (Doctoral Training Account) awards and project-specific grants. These prices are valid under defined conditions, available on the Research Council`s website. The Brunswick Studentship Agreement is intended to be used between a university and a company to support a postgraduate research student. There are two model agreements, one for bipartite cooperation agreements and the other for multi-party consortium agreements. These agreements can be used to start negotiations to agree on the fundamental principles of your project. These help to identify important problems at an early stage of the project and identify solutions. This type of agreement is used when external parties wish to provide “benefits in kind” for studies conducted by verifiers, such as the supply of medicines or medical devices. If the provisions relating to such contributions are not part of a main funding agreement, a delegation agreement should be concluded between the supplier and the college in order to describe the responsibilities of each of the parties with regard to the study and to ensure compliance with the legal framework (guarantees/commitments, delivery volumes, security statement, confidentiality, etc.). Model agreements are starting points and their use is not mandatory. Each type of agreement provides for different circumstances and is not sectoral, allowing for flexible use. However, the model conventions can be adapted to the specificities of your project.

Collaborative Prizes in Science and Engineering are industrial students who are awarded by research councils to companies, either directly or through agents. The time is spent working in the company and the company provides a financial discount of the Basic Prize of the Research Council. Funding by the Research Council is often provided by a Doctoral Training Account (DTA) Award. From time to time, a company may provide sponsorship outside of the normal CASE program and provide additional resources, resources, and/or inputs….