Google Developer License Agreement

Once you define what your users can and cannot do with your app, you should turn back to processing violations. If you include an termination clause in your CLU, you can terminate licenses if they are misused. We do not allow applications that are directly or indirectly involved in or benefit from advertising practices that are misleading or harmful to users or the developer ecosystem. These include applications that behave as follows: For Office 365, Microsoft offers a very detailed range of licenses. This example applies to the iOS app and not the Android app, but it shows that you need to describe permissions and limitations for a user: If your app requires control of both, you should design a DEEE agreement and a CGV agreement. If you are a G Suite customer, you can use a group within your domain (z.B. The Parallels software also provides similar terms with a reminder that the use of the software assumes acceptance of the terms of the LAE agreement: We do not allow applications with misleading metadata, poorly formatted, non-descriptive, irrelevant, excessive or inappropriate, including, but not limited to description, developer name, title, symbol, screenshots and advertising images. Developers must provide a clear and well-written description of their application. We also do not allow unsignified or anonymous user testimonials in the application description. A separate CLA agreement is the only way to ensure that you effectively limit liability. Note: In some markets, we offer Google Pay for applications that sell physical goods and/or services.

For more information, visit our Google Pay developer page. They also want provisions regarding the termination of the licence and information relating to intellectual property, including copyright, trademarks and restrictions on use. If a user or potential user clicks on your LABO link, it should be redirected to the website where you host your contract, such as the BitTorrent app page: this can be crucial for protecting your intellectual property rights, which must also be clearly defined in a CLUE agreement. We do not allow applications or development accounts that violate the intellectual property rights of others (including trademarks, copyrights, patents, trade secrets and other property rights).